Mowing Fun

I thought briefly about posting my mowing outfit but then realised many of you wouldn’t recognise me outside of my usual glamorous apparel.  It has been nearly two months since the ground has dried out enough to mow the lawns.  Winters may be mild here in the Far North, but they are wet and with clay soil it gets very squishy underfoot.

Starting with the push mower I tackled inside the pool fence.  It became very apparent that the ground was still soft enough to register my footprints and the tyre tracks from the mower.  I couldn’t do anything about the boot prints but made a point of trying to keep the tyre tracks even since we’ll probably be looking at them for another month.

I have to admit I love the ride-on mower.  It is just so fast and I was embarrassingly happy watching the fountain of grass clippings shoot out from underneath the blades as I tackled the larger yard.  The grass yesterday was so long and wet underneath that I had to think carefully about how to throw the clippings so they didn’t wind up in soggy piles around the place.  While the chickens love scratching through them, there are only so many piles 16 chickens can get through on 5 acres of lawn.

Today I’m hoping the last two sections around the citrus trees and front driveway are suitably dry.  A friend came by last month to add to our burn pile (note photo #1 between the palms) and got stuck, even with his 4-wheel drive.

However, it is mid-August and spring is definitely here.  The days are getting longer and I put my first washing on the outside line to dry. It won’t be long before having to mow the lawns twice a week takes the edge of the fun of using the ride-on.  At least over summer the pool provides a welcome reward when the job is done.


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