christmas 2004 016It’s my lovely daughter’s 19th birthday. Outside of the obvious happiness that she is such a gorgeous young woman inside and out, happy, surrounded by people she loves and who love her, and in a healthy and happy relationship, it has been an opportunity to look over past photos. It’s our standard joke on anyone’s birthday to find the most embarrassing photo you can, cute of course, but still! This year I decided to post a short video clip of Meg on what I think is her 11th birthday. We arrive home from her party at the high school pool, she’s still in her togs and I’m trying to coax her out of the car to find the new net ball hoop we’ve bought. She’s all skinny long legs, arms and body and excited about everything.
At 19 she still is long legs, arms and torso, and she still gets excited about things. I am so happy that she has grown up with a joy and confidence that will serve her well in life. She trusts easily, laughs often and has a big heart. And her 20 year old brother has driven down for the weekend to celebrate with her. They’re off to dinner and concert with other friends. I love that they’re friends, there for each other, enjoy each other and look out for each other.
My heart is full and happy.


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